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Omega Business Solutions is not your traditional accounting & tax office. We cover a range of services to make sure you get the help and advice you need.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Reconciliations, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable - We take care of the back office work. You name it we got it!


There are only two certainties in life death and taxes. Fortunately,  whether it be personal or business we've got you covered.  


Don't let payroll run your business, let us run your payroll. Pay employees by check or direct deposit on time every time.


Whether it workman's comp or general liability well get you covered.


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Address: 2432 W Peoria Ave Ste 1001, Phoenix

Phone: Phone: 602.726.0007

Email: info@omegabusiness.net

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About Us

We are a new type of accounting firm, coming from a small business background with a vision of helping other small businesses succeed with the experience and partnerships we have built over the years.

Our Vision

Starting a business is hard enough, our vision is to make it a little less difficult by providing you with the experience we have gathered from all our customers.

Our History

From humble beginning just like you, we have built our business from scratch, taking the experience we have gained from our time in industry and applying it to helping our customers navigate the obstacles of taxation and accounting for the better of their business.

Our Values

First, do no harm. We are a small business that helps small businesses that came from a small family business background. Above all, we value our customer relationships and try to build a community of different expertise within our customer base to help businesses succeed.